Prem Chopra Impressed Young Film Makers at AAFT
“It is important for an actor to perform the character in best of the manner possible, with best of capabilities and capacities, it will automatically show on the screen” said Prem Chopra a veteran actor at AAFT at Noida Film City.
Indo Hungarian Ties Now Better And Bigger– H.E. Szilveszter Bus
New Delhi, 3rd Dec.2014: An evening full of excitements-food, drinks, music, dance, art and a powerful fashion show at the thriving colorful lighted grounds of Hungarian Embassy added a lot to the relationship with Indian art and culture circle of Delhi.view more

International Film and TV Club (IFTC)

The International Film & TV Club is an AAFT-based club, which screens films and short films dedicated to enrich our understanding of film by exploring and explicating great cinemas from the world over. The films are viewed as they were meant to be-as an experience shared with a room full of people, to allow a deeper appreciation of them.

Questions that arise and explored throughout the series include: what do these films teach us about genre and narrative? Why and how are they influential? What devices do they use to comment on the medium of film or the human condition? and many more such queries. IFTC, the pre-eminent film presentation organization was founded to celebrate international cinema. Moreover, it’s to recognize and support new filmmaker and to enhance awareness, accessibility, and understanding of the art among a broad and diverse film going audience.

The main aim of IFTC is:
  • Promotion of good films and television programmes through screenings, retrospectives, seminars and symposia
  • Promotion of International contact of filmmakers and television professionals
  • Circulation and exchange of films and television programmes at national and international level
  • International exchange of films and television professionals

The Film Club is one of those rare institutions whose stature is matched by its popularity, each year welcoming an aggregate audience of more than thousands film aficionados, filmmakers and industry leaders of every nationality, age, economic and ethnic group. In addition, at various times of the year, IFTC partners with many of the business groups to present special screenings of films. Recently in Feb 2010, it held the 65th Digital Short film festival and was organized at Asian Academy of Film and Television amidst much fanfare. The students of AAFT showed their best talents while showing their films. According to Sandeep Marwah, the President of Marwah Studios Enterprise, “The films must leave an impact on the viewers as that are how usually producers, directors and creative team plan and produce films world over”.