Prem Chopra Impressed Young Film Makers at AAFT
“It is important for an actor to perform the character in best of the manner possible, with best of capabilities and capacities, it will automatically show on the screen” said Prem Chopra a veteran actor at AAFT at Noida Film City.
Indo Hungarian Ties Now Better And Bigger– H.E. Szilveszter Bus
New Delhi, 3rd Dec.2014: An evening full of excitements-food, drinks, music, dance, art and a powerful fashion show at the thriving colorful lighted grounds of Hungarian Embassy added a lot to the relationship with Indian art and culture circle of Delhi.view more
Asian School of Media Studies (ASMS)
Asian School of Media Studies or ASMS as unanimously known represents the liberal arts of the 21st century. This school of media studies is one of the largest college-level combinations of media-sector programs in northern India. ASMS integrates academic study with hands-on exploration in media making. The School is simultaneously academic and pragmatic. It roots production in research and critical analysis, while incorporating the creative potential of media scholarship. We create a place that provides “consumer education for the minds and emotions of the audience for all media.” With our history of progressive education, ASMS was a logical home for the media center. With interest growing in the field, the center grew, and ASMS became the country’s first formally established film college.

The program’s core values include:
The essential relationship between media theory and media practice respect for aesthetic, critical, and pragmatic dimensions of communication recognition of the specific qualities of and relationships between various media forms attention to the ethical imperatives of communication throughout the world appreciation of the ways in which media theory and media practice can contribute to intercultural global understanding acknowledgment of today's challenging marketplace conditions openness to change and innovation

Over thousands of full time students train with a team of dedicated professionals teachers, who have years of experience in their respective fields. The faculty includes distinguished scholars, producers, artistes, and entrepreneurs. The students study in our state-of-the-art digital facilities. Our standards are high, as are our students’ performance expectations. We enroll the best, and produce graduates with the skills sought after by industry. Here we are committed to develop outstanding media managers, media creators in films, television, print and electronic format, radio, and multimedia, also advertising and marketing professionals as well.

As a student in this institution, you explore traditional disciplines, develop a strong commitment to research and critical analysis, and create and develop media, perhaps transcending traditional formats. ASMS degree programs integrate the study of media theory and management with production practices. Here through all these various programs you learn how to work across media formats, theories, and methodologies, seeking the right "tools for the task," whether that task is academic, creative, or professional. A wide range of onsite courses provides many options to fit your personal schedule.

The school offers an inclusive view of media studies and welcomes strong applicants for all undergraduate majors. Students here are mature and motivated individuals who demonstrate a clear vision and potential for original thinking and work. All course programs are based on a solid history and focus, which assists students in developing a critical understanding of today’s mediated culture. In addition, students inculcate the skills to produce media in a variety of forms and genres. The vibrant neighborhood of NOIDA and the multiculturalism of New Delhi City, are all at the doorstep of Media School, that provides Media Studies students with an ideal laboratory for their research.

ASMS appreciates your interest in our programs in Media Studies and welcome the applicants from all walks of life who are eager to gain the theoretical and practical expertise that is necessary to reach their goals.