Prem Chopra Impressed Young Film Makers at AAFT
“It is important for an actor to perform the character in best of the manner possible, with best of capabilities and capacities, it will automatically show on the screen” said Prem Chopra a veteran actor at AAFT at Noida Film City.
Indo Hungarian Ties Now Better And Bigger– H.E. Szilveszter Bus
New Delhi, 3rd Dec.2014: An evening full of excitements-food, drinks, music, dance, art and a powerful fashion show at the thriving colorful lighted grounds of Hungarian Embassy added a lot to the relationship with Indian art and culture circle of Delhi.view more
AAFT Films  
Good bye My Love, 7 Min.

One in a Billion, 4 Min.
Nasha, 4 Min 16 Sec

The story is about a rich boy who gets wayward and becomes a drug addict. What begins as a sweet indulgence of rich parents turns to a curse leading to his final down fall and eventually the cause of his death. It has a message. A drug addict is as good as a dead corp.…and like all cadaver it is a menace to the society. Often the over indulgence of parents leads to such freaks of nature.

Intaezar, 8 Min 18 Sec
The young frivolous hero is torn between his affection for his ailing mother and his romantic interest in a girl of dubious character. Nikita is a social climber and has cast her eyes on his money. The hero is blindly in love and is oblivious to her sinister intensions. He starts drifting away from his ailing mother when she needed him the most by her side. The hero inadvertently starts crawling towards his doom. His best friend enacts a drama to bring back the hero to his mother
before it is too late!
love is blind , 7 Min.

Do Funtoosh, 6 Min 37 Sec
This satire on the present education system which also makes a mockery of weak teachers depicts the dark side of the reality the youth has to go through in some of the flyby night educational institutions. Beware!
Jaisi Jaisi Bhawana , 4:44 Min

Kya Sach Kya Jhoot,

Public Sab Janti Hai, 5 Min

not just pooja... , 9:57 Min.

Pooja, a bar dancer knows where to draw the line in a society full of hungry wolves. Not educated yet to make a living while retaining her dignity she confines to dancing and doesn’t cross the limits of sanctity... Her younger sister is her responsibility and she takes pride in bringing her up. A lucrative offer to satisfy the lust of a rich is spurned by Pooja. Such kind of undignified offers are pitfalls of her profession of bar dancers. However when she returns home and finds her younger sister practicing dance instead of going to school she becomes furious.
She is shattered to realize that she has been rusticated from school on account of non-payment of fee. Pooja is devastated and is forced to prostitution. Sexual escapade is just a game for the rich and powerful but curse for many ruined lives… Exploitation and harassment are occupational hazard for many working women. There is a clear message that mostly women take to prostitution under
severe compulsion and peer pressure of the merciless society.
Pratishodh , 9:41 Min
Sangeeta Mishra is a middle class working girl burdened with responsibilities of her ailing father and also of the entire family. Her vulture like boss smells the grim situation and tries to get a pound of flesh off the marooned helpless creature like that of a scavenger. He sets a trap then makes sexual advances which she spurns. He threatens to kill her family if she reveals it to anyone. However her friend Geetanjali Arora comes to know and takes upon
her slender shoulder the responsibility to avenge her friend. Geetanjali takes the
stand for the fight against sexual exploitation of women.
Mafia, 18:02 Min
Framed Pages, 10:35 Min
SAY NO TO CORRUPTION ..! , 15:00 Min
Anna, a girl from Finland, goes through shock and trauma in her early days in India as she is not accustomed to filth and chaos everywhere. However on a visit to the countryside she meets a native whose simplicity attracts her. In the
simplicity and innocence of the native Indian, she finds her real happiness which she was searching all these while far away from the material Western world. Her dreams take wings and she flies to her world of happiness in the comfort of the
company of this simpleton man as she marries him…Real happiness comes through the simplicity of life!
KABULI WALLAH ,Dir: Jyutika Sinha Dur.08.55mins

This short film is a humble tribute to Tagore, on his 150th birth anniversary (May 7, 2011) year.

A tender story about beautiful bonds that transcend all barriers of age, caste & creed, hierarchies and differences of all kinds… and the unifying strand of human emotions that binds us together, regardless of the differences.

The story revolves around the tender bond between the burly pathan, Rehman – the ‘Kabuliwallah’ who is a fruit-seller from Kabul and a five year old little girl ‘Minnie’, who reminds him of his own little daughter. An unfortunate turn of event lands the pathan in prison and time takes its toll…. This soulful story carries a lot of depth and somewhere brings out Tagore’s philosophy of oneness of mankind.

DHOKA, Dir: Suchita Acharya Dur: 06.44min
A gangster betrays his fellow gangster. To escape from the hands of the police when he is encountered, he kidnaps a woman and escapes making her a shield. Later he falls for his captive and the woman reciprocates his advances. However at the end the boss of the gangster traces them and the gangster realizes that all these were a part of the larger game plan and she was the honey trap…
S.S.SWAMY IYER, Dir: Shashank Gupta Dur.08.13min,
It is a hilarious comical situation of a south Indian student who comes to Delhi to pursue his studies. He tries to adjust to the north Indian culture which lands him in funny situation.
HOPE (DOCUMENTRY), Dir: Neha Jain Dur. 08.50min
It is a poignant story of a mentally challenged boy whom the nature has not treated fairly. Apparently the boy is treated sympathetically by the neighbors for ulterior motive. The boy however is totally oblivious to their intentions. It brings out the ugly side of the human behavior of the more blessed people!
DEAD LOCK , Dir: Ankur Srivastava Dur: 9.40min
A short situational comedy film where a mere phone call brings dramatic changes in the life of rank strangers not connected to each other.
TO SIR WITH LOVE, Dir: Kalyan Sarkar Dur: 03.50min
This is a short training film on ‘Action-reaction, placement of camera and cutting on movement’. The fun film is a subtle satire on the present Indian education system with clear message_ “A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron”.
CLOSE FRIENDS, Dir: Lakshay Dharan Dur: 05.43min
A desperate and frantic search for his lover ends up in a tragedy. The tragedy is multiplied as he discovers that his best friend betrays his trust and is the killer of his girl friend…
THE DENOUEMENT, Dir: Abhishek Saluja Dur: 06.52min
The film is a suspense thriller involving Madhya Bajaj, a page-3 photographer who gets killed under suspicious circumstances. Police zero down to three suspects. The hero unlocks the mystery in a typical who done it thriller.
NIGHT TALES, Dir: Daniel Ekundayo Akinshola Dur:08.42min
It’s a story about a group of friends with an invisible offer…all of them take the wrong decision but one takes the right one. His bravery takes him to see the next day while rest peril for their lack of courage and indecisiveness…
2080 LIFE WITHOUT OIL:, Dir: Daniel Martin Dur:04.50min
It’s a promotion film for conservation of oil. It is a warning to save oil least the pedal age is going to come back...Even though the rat race will still remain symbolized in the form of pedal race… Good editing and camera angles make it interesting viewing.
LAST BREATH:, Dir: Himanshu Chittkara Dur:05.00min
This is a sensitive film about crime, religion and rebirth. The director makes some valuable mention of the moment we are born. At birth we do not select our religion neither the criminals differentiate between the religions for their criminal activities. While we are born we cry because we remember the last breath of our previous life especially the errors of our past life.
THE BEGGAR:, Dir: Ismail Sarr Dur:07.33min
It’s a very touching story about a blind beggar and the apathy of people who are blessed with sight. However a woman has a chance interaction with him and her life changes for ever. She realizes that even though she has eye sight but no vision to see the beautiful world around with shades of beauty and pain all created by the same almighty. Her philanthropic interest awakens and a hope is rekindled for the world to progress.
MAIMUNA:, Dir: Ismail Sarr Dur:07.33min
In all civil wars and the other social calamities it is always the women and the children who take the blunt of the tyranny. A rape victim is ostracized rather than getting help to be rehabilitated to live a dignified life which she rightfully deserves. Maimuna is the story of such an unfortunate women, a victim of circumstances whom a benevolent Magistrate tries to lend dignity.
THE FINAL CUT OFF, Dir: Balwender Singh Dur:05.40min
The film depicts very dramatically the peer pressure of competition on students for getting into a reputed college. Although everyone knows that academic knowledge and professionalism doesn’t necessarily always converge at one point, yet the parental pressure sometimes lead youngster to desperation. At the end the film comments that society needs good people but not ruthless people flaunting certificates round the neck earned through cut throat competition.
LET LIVE, Dir: Roopa Rao Dur: 15.51mins
Man or women are not born out of their own choices- so as the eunuchs. Everyone must have the right to live. Unfortunately in India eunuchs have no place in the society. If there could be a place for a man or a woman so why not a eunuch? Why do we ostracize them and consider them an outcast? Mother Nature too has made them then why they are considered a freak of nature? Who will bring them to the main fold of the society and lend dignity to them to lead a decent life and let them live the way every decent human being dreams off?
TALASH (Music Video) ‘Tu hai kahan jane ja’, Dir: Veshesh Dur:05.34mins
A complete indigenous production! The singer, lyricist, music director, musicians, sound engineer, director, cameraman, editor and actors are all AAFTians…God bless them all!
AIDS-Suicide or murder?, Dir:Richa Bhardwaj Dur:04.46mins
In our country the sex workers are not at all aware of the consequences of an unprotected sex. Unlike the popular belief the dreaded disease AIDS is not necessarily always spread from a sex worker to the society but the reverse flow of the disease is also very much evident. Many perverts deliberately spread the disease across to the poor sex workers as well. This is the story of such a sadist who turns a misogynist after realizing he is HIV positive and purposely transmits the disease to sex workers and as many women he can…Beware!
ANOTHER CHANCE! , Dir. Roopa Rao Dur:18.25 mins
Sugar and spice, everything is nice! ...Not always! A journey down the memory lane of a life in a film school that lingers all throughout is what the film depicts. A promise never to break ties is forgotten by the harsh realities of life. The tie is broken up as one of them gets a best student award…Jealousy, rivalry , arrogance and all that were dormant within a group, comes out to the surface…However destiny brings the group together once again and they realize their mistakes and decide to join hands constructively. They get another chance to build relationship, a rare opportunity by far! So, all is well that ends well.
JUST WISHES!, Director: Aprajita Bhardwaj Dur: 08.20 mins
Often the life is chasing a rainbow! The irony is we try to live a life in the future not realizing that present is what we actually live in. Meeting the deadlines and living life out of suitcases in the material world in the pursuit of happiness we lose track of the essence of life. We move in vicious circles far away from nature and in turn drift light years from spirituality. The conquest of happiness deludes everyone... whereas the source of happiness lies within self. Happiness has to be extracted from within and it doesn’t come from external sources…

LAADLI, Dir. Ishita Blagan Dur: 05.50mins

The film depicts the poignant relationship between a father and his daughter. For the father life’s best pleasure is bringing up this bundle of joy and eventually getting her married and sending her to some unknown in-law’s house. However, the anxiety that a father goes at the time of ‘Vidayi’ is evident. After all the violence in bad marriages makes to the headlines so frequently in the papers day after day…

NA-MALOOM, Dir: Areeb Hasmi Dur: 07.08 mins
It is the misguided youth who in a hurry to make big, chooses the path of terrorism. Such people are totally unfocused and not knowing their goal leads an irresponsible life bringing death and destruction all around. The film unfolds this philosophy through a callous phone call of such a terrorist. Violence is always meaningless and has never brought prosperity. It brings misery for everyone! The message is clear.