Seminar Titled Women In Cinema Created Heating Arguments at 7th GFFN
“We have been projecting women in cinema bigger than life as our culture has always respected women in society. Now the trends are changing and women also been shown as object or just the glamour” Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios initiated the discussions for the seminar tittled Women In Cinema at 7th Global Film Festival Noida 2014.
7th GFFN Paid Gratitude to Indo Polish Film Association
“We extend our heartiest thanks to the Government of Poland for forming Indo Polish Film Association and nominating me as the Chairperson of the same. We are working on the development and promotion of cinema and other media between two countries now in a big way” said Sandeep Marwah President of GFFN

Entertainment education sounds like a contradiction in terms. But we have gelled them perfectly at Marwah Studios. Because we genuinely belive that education is a spiritual cause and entertainment is a religion of creativity. How can spirituality and religion be contradictory.They are two sides of a coin. Let me take you to a virtual tour of this fascinating blending.

In India, Mumbai and Films are mythically synonymous. But we have broken this myth. Now the seven shooting floors

Sandeep Marwah
Founder & Managing Director
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Studio Visits

Since our founding in November 1986, Marwah Studios Enterprise has been a leader in Film Studios and Media education , playing a key role in revolutionizing the Film Industry of North India. The company’s history is a story of innovation and pioneering new technologies. Marwah Studios Enterprise has taken a leadership position in the development of standards, working closely with the entertainment industry of India.

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Marwah Studios Enterprise defines Corporate Social Responsibility as making socially responsible products, engaging in socially responsible employee relations and making a commitment to the community around it. At the Marwah Studios Group, Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a duty; it's a way of life.
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